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Best Incontinence Products To Solve Diaper Rash Problems

When you have a diaper rash issue you can find great products to help solve the problem. We have compiled a list of the best incontinence products for beating adult diaper rash.

Best Adult Diapers To Heal and Prevent Diaper Rash:

  1. When you are looking for a diaper to combat diaper rash you need a very absorbent diaper that will keep moisture away from skin. You will want to also use a great, healing moisture barrier. The Medline Restore Diaper provides both heavy absorbency and healing Remedy cream infused right into the diaper. The result is the best diaper on the market to prevent or heal a diaper rash situation.
  2. Another way to solve diaper rash is to use a top quality adult diaper with maximum/overnight absorbency capacity, like the Comfort-Aire PM. Choosing a diaper with the maximum absorbency keeps skin the driest. Dry skin equals healthy, healing skin.
  3. If you want to use an adult pullup the same strategy applies: choose a pullup with the highest absorbency rating you can find. The MSC5300 series is a great quality pullup with the highest absorbency rating, overnight/maximum.

Best Barriers Creams To Heal and Prevent Diaper Rash:

  1. Remedy Olivamine Calazime Skin Protectant Paste is the highest quality barrier cream. It has a higher viscosity than other barrier creams so it protects better because it lasts longer on skin yet it is still semi-breathable It has a proprietary blend of ingredients that uses Olivamine to moisturize and nourish skin using natural oils, antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins, and MSM derived from the olive plant. Remedy’s Calazime cream can help dry out the exudates (oozing) from compromised skin. It has menthol to soothe painful skin and to help calm inflamed tissue.
  2. Another great choice is Remedy SKin Repair Cream. It is specifically formulated to protect skin that is at-risk for breaking down. It is a moisture barrier and healing skin cream that has been helping skin heal since it first came on the market. It has Medline’s Olivamine and it also has dimethicone to help prevent excessive trans-epidermal water loss (eTEWL) remedy.

Best Cleansers To Heal and Prevent Diaper Rash:

  1. A great and soothing perineal wash is Remedy Olivamine Cleansing Body Lotion. It is imperative to keep the diaper area clean to prevent and heal diaper rash. This great cleanser is a no-rinse formula, so cleansing is a one step process that saves time and money. It moisturizes, cleanses, nourishes and protects skin in one step. The Olivamine nourishes and protects with amino acids, MSM and antioxidants while the 1.5% Dimethicone adds even more protection.
  2. Another great cleanser is a wipe. You can use them alone or with a perineal cleanser. The Aloetouch PROTECT Dimethicone Skin Protectant Wipes are the best to combat diaper rash. They are a generous 9”x13” and are extra soft, fragrance free, hypoallergenic, alcohol free and pH balanced. They have aloe and 3.2% dimethicone for extra protection for at-risk skin.

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